QR-Codes For The Elementary School Scene

SkanzJr, Hot Pink Band
SkanzJr is available in popular colors.

Back in June we introduced Skanz, a web-based platform that uses QR-codes to connect mobile technology and social media (visit the post).  These codes can be printed on silicone Skanz wristbands and phone cases and then link to a personalized “skanzsite” that showcases the wearer’s contact information.

Now SkanzJr hopes to introduce kids into the program with specialized sites that do not include any identifiable information (although a parent’s email is required for registration).  Children can customize their skanzsite with:
•    Nickname – such as “Dog Lover,” “Beach Girl,” “Soccer Goalie,” etc.
•    Favorites – “fill in the blank” of your favorite movie, TV show, food and more.
•    This or That – “check the box” of your preferences (e.g. pancakes or waffles, sugar cone or wafer cone, chocolate or vanilla, etc.)

The company promises that new content will be available each week so kids can continue to enhance and update their Skanzsite with their own wallpaper, profile icon and music.

Of course, QR-codes are only interesting with the use of a reader application on a smartphone – this would be a clear problem for many children who do not have such a device.  Attempting to solve this problem, SkanzJr bracelets are marked with a unique code number.  Skanzsites can be reached by entering the bracelet’s code into the decoder on the SkanzJr.com homepage.  Obviously, kids or their parents who own the latest iPod touch or smartphone (Android, Blackberry or iPhone) can scan the bracelet’s QR code to reveal their Skanzsite.

Skanz offers a self-titled QR-code reader app, available as a free download at the iPhone App Store and Android Market.

skanz - QR Media Group     

SkanzJr bandz are sized for smaller wrists, only 1-inch wide, and could make a great gift with a retail price of $9.99.  SkanzJr bracelets will be available online and at retail locations nationwide in time for the holiday season.

Create your free QR-code at www.Skanz.com or register your SkanzJr bracelet at www.SkanzJr.com.

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