Wireless Power Freed In 3D

Fulton Innovation is showcasing the next generation of wireless power and it is available today through their eCoupled technology and the Qi standard.  Their location at the International Consumer Electronics Show demonstrates multi-range, multi-protocol and multi-surface examples of electronics charging without wires, including through metal surfaces.

The newest developments in spatial freedom for wireless power technology will be demonstrated by charging a cell phone through a handbag, without the need for wires.  Other demonstrations will include devices within the general area of a wireless power transmitter that will still charge – proving that the days of having to place a phone on an exact charging spot will soon be a thing of the past.

Fulton has developed an advanced wireless power solution that can be built into almost any surface, including packaging and publications. At CES, Fulton will demonstrate a recent issue of Entertainment Weekly powered by its eCoupled intelligent wireless power technology.  The magazine will light up on the shelf using wirelessly powered printed electronics: a low-powered, low-cost, truly flexible example of wireless power in action.  The prototype demonstrates how this technology can be used by publishers and advertisers to attract attention and attract new revenue streams.

Fulton’s booth at CES includes the cockpit of a car that has its interior surfaces enabled for wireless power.  Phones, tablets and other devices can be placed on the dashboard, in the glove compartment, or in the center console and charge without the need to plug in a single cord.  The same capabilities are showcased with a Tesla electric vehicle… that has the ability to be charged wirelessly.

For those attending CES, Fulton Innovation is located at CES booth #14446 in the Central Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center.

As CIO and Technology Editor, the author of this article has written it in association with Downtown Magazine.

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