NY Tech Meetup, February 2012

After leading the NYC technology community in its charge against SOPA/PIPA legislation, the NY Tech Meetup (NYTM) returned to form in the NYU’s Skirball Center at NYU.  The meeting opened with the announcement of another new sponsor, Bloomberg (perhaps foreshadowed by the surprise visit from Mayor Mike Bloomberg in October 2011).  The size of the audience took a geometric step through a live simulcast of the entire event by LiveStream to two remote locations at New Work City (412 Broadway) and General Assembly (902 Broadway); the simulcast was also available publicly online.

EverythingButtArt app on the iPad

The first demonstration of the evening nearly brought the house down thanks to the charm of the presenter, 4 ½ year-old Madeline.  Alongside her father, she presented Everything Butt Art, an iPad application that is based on the popular series of creative books for children.  If “your” iPad is used more by little kids than by you, then this app is a must have.

Immediately following Madeline’s huge round of applause, MyMatchmaker took the stage and then did their best to outclass the pint-sized presenter.  A web-based dating service (just in time for Valentine’s Day), MyMatchmaker pairs the user with a live matchmaker who “specializes” in people they might find interesting.  An interesting approach to the wild west of dating sites, the demonstration took a curious turn when one of the presenters was surprised on stage with their matchmaker who then brought a potential date for the presenter to the stage as well.  Obviously, this brought a huge response from the audience – every member thankful that they were not the focus of this particular demo.

More demonstrations came to the stage, including BestVendor, a web-based platform that seeks to recommend applications based on your needs and comments from other businesses.

The most innovative presentation was from the Umami application for iPad.  Using a “proprietary audio fingerprinting technology” the software recognizes live (or time-shifted) programming and adds to the experience with information, biographies, photos, news, gossip and social conversation about what you are watching, while you are watching.

Every NY Tech Meetup holds something amazing, but this one was particularly wonderful.  Events like this one are the reason that we keep coming back.

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