Lost and FoundIt!

Every so often something comes across my desk that does more than just pique our “technolust”.  At the NY Tech Day event, we met some of the team from FoundIt! and knew that this was one of those special products that we would purchase for ourselves.

We have lots of stuff, things that are small, shiny and often expensive; iPhones, tablets and cameras – we carry them with us and every so often, leave them behind.  After joining FoundIt! I received durable stickers and tags to label my items with a unique ID.  If (when) I lose a tagged item, whoever finds it can follow the easy instructions to send a SMS or email through the FoundIt! system that has their contact information.

Obviously, the weakest link in the system is the person who finds the labeled item.  I asked the obvious question of what happens when someone doesn’t want to give it back?  The response from FoundIt! was brutally honest: “We’re not jerk-proof.  Those people exist – but it’s important to remember all the people who want to do the right thing, especially when it’s easy.  We’re designed for the good guys, and there’s a lot of them out there.  And more importantly, we’re designed for the fence-sitters; our language and our ease turns a moment of hesitation into ‘why not? it’s just a text message.’”

How FoundIt! WorksWe love simple, elegant solutions… and FoundIt! is just that.  Three simple plans are available, each with a different amount of tags and length of contract; starting at just $10 for the “starter” 1-year package.

Visit FoundIt.net for all the details and to make a small investment in your own piece of mind.

As if retrieving lost items wasn’t enough, there is the “FoundIt! Community Project”.  Allowing a group (one that shares the belief that given the chance, people will do the right thing) to partner with FoundIt! and raise funds by receiving a percentage of the memberships sold through their local sales.

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