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Mobile Apps Showdown Returns To CES

The Mobile Apps Showdown returns to the International CES in 2013 showcasing top applications chosen by a team of mobile experts and the public.

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Skylanders Giants Takes Big Steps

Just about a year ago on TECHNOGORILLA we introduced a video game for the major consoles that pushed through the “fourth wall” – Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure used real-world figurines to activate virtual characters by placing them on the “Portal of Power”.  Using radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology, each individual figurine has it’s own battery-free internal memory […]

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Sandy Gets The Duracell Rapid Responder

The weak link of the smart device life is often the constant need for more power — in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, the widespread blackout through the New York tri-state area made this very evident.  The residents of the lower tip of Manhattan (home of the Architechnologist and TECHNOGORILLA) were visited by the Duracell […]

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Language Barrier Shredded By Ortsbo

In our globalized age, it can seem bizarre that linguistic differences still pose a barrier to communication.  The United Nations employs 120 interpreters to find out what world leaders are saying and travel agencies make a small fortune by promising tourists a secure enclave of English within a new country. A collection of applications from […]

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PredictGaze Into My Eyes

Microsoft’s Kinect already detects body motions to translate them into gadget control and the Digits system could enhance that ability (discussed in a previous post here), a start-up called PredictGaze uses existing hardware to use eye-movement as a controller.  Using a regular webcam, the PredictGaze system is able to connect visual detectors to a television, […]

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Here’s My Digits

Professional illusionists never fail to fascinate with their ability to manipulate the world using simple hand gestures. Examples of the “Digit” system from Microsoft Research’s U.K.-based Cambridge Lab Now, new gadgets presented at the ACM Symposium on User Interface and Technology suggest that we will all soon be able to do the same in our […]

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